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Composition Ratio Of Protective Film Glue (medium Viscosity)
- Oct 18, 2018 -

I. composition and characteristics

The protective film glue is a emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive made of acrylate monomer and polymerized by emulsion. Compared with solvent based adhesive, it is safe to use and free from fire hazards. When coating, cleaning is easy, solvent free exhaust gas is discharged, and has no adverse effect on the environment. The water used in the dispersed medium is lower in use cost.

Because the protective film glue is pure type C, it has the characteristics of high transparency and good aging resistance. Adding special curing agent can adjust the peel force and cohesion of glue. So as to improve the temperature and water resistance of the protective film.

Application scope

Apply to PE surface protective film blue film, milky white film and so on: stainless steel plate, suitable for aluminum plastic plate, cabinet plate, electrophoretic aluminum profile, PVC plastic steel profile, etc.

It is applied to BOPP, PET aluminum coating surface protective film and so on: it is suitable for PVC plastic steel profiles and so on.

physical property

Appearance: milky white with blue light.

Solid content: 40 + 1%

PH value: 7 ~ 8

Viscosity: 100 ~ 300 CPS

Water resistance: * after making protective film, directly into the water, soak for 8 hours, remove, cool dry surface.

The water is sticky and can not be squeezed by hand.

* when the curing agent is added to 0.8%, immerse in water for 1 hours, the surface should not appear white.

Temperature resistance: when the protective film is attached to the protected surface, it should be baked at 70 degrees for 48 hours.


Four, usage:

Dispensing: pour the protective film glue into the container, stir it, and add the right amount of water.

And curing agent, add up and continue stirring for 10~15 minutes.

Ratio: protective film glue: 100 kg.

Pure water: self commissioning

Curing agent: 0.4~0.5 kg

Note: * Pure water should be reverse osmosis water, distilled water or ion exchange water, not tap water or deep well water, mineral water.

* the curing agent can be supplied with LS-40 supplied by our factory. The amount of added agent depends on the cohesive force and cohesion. Alumina profiles, electrophoretic aluminum profiles LS-G: 0.4 ~ 0.5, PVC plastic steel profiles LS-G: 0.4 ~ 0.5, the specific amount of addition depends on the coating machine and the protected surface can be determined by the user.

Coating: The coating can be indirectly coated with reticulated roller or directly coated with reticulated roller. It can also be coated with reticulated roller or wire scraper, depending on the amount of coating.

Coating parameters:

Coating thickness: 5-10 M (dry glue)

Drying temperature: 80-100 C

Drying time: > 0.5 minutes.

Curing time: 48 hours

If snowflake shrinkage occurs during coating, the surface tension of the substrate (such as PE) should be increased or the surface tension of the glue should be reduced.

The drying degree of the protective film should be ensured to ensure that the moisture content in the glue layer is very low, otherwise the curing degree will be affected.

In principle, the glue is used up within 4 hours, but in actual use, in order to ensure the uniformity of the product, it is suggested that the amount of glue should be limited to 1 hour.

After storing for a long time with unfinished glue, it can be mixed with new glue gradually after proper reinforcement agent. Never use it directly.

The stripes that appear on the net roll coating or wire scraper coating can be eliminated by special devices.

Five, matters needing attention

1., avoid skin contact with curing agent protective film glue. When wearing glue, you should wear protective gloves and avoid.

No mouth and nose inhalation.

2. pay attention to ventilation in the workplace. Especially the operation position of coated cloth head.

3. glue to the customer to use protective film must have more than 48 hours of curing time.

4. use the curing agent well and cover the lid well. Air contact should be avoided.

Six. Storage and packaging transportation

Storage temperature: 5-35 C

Storage period: six months from the date of production date.

Packing: 50kg plastic bucket or 200kg plastic bucket.

Transportation: motor transport is a non hazardous product.

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