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Composition Of Surface Protective Film
- Aug 31, 2018 -

Surface protective film is a kind of special pressure sensitive adhesive film. Its natural basic composition is the same as ordinary pressure sensitive adhesive mold, and it is the two major parts of substrate and pressure sensitive adhesive.

There are two main types of surface protective film: paper and plastic film, paper such as kraft paper, Manila linen, mulberry paper, plastic mulberry paper and so on; plastic film such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyester, polyethylene / polypropylene blend melt co-extrusion, polyethylene / vinyl acetate copolymer Bulk (EVA) Co extruded composite films and so on.

Low strength, poor flexibility, opacity of paper base material, and not suitable for the production of those need to bend, cut, stamping, punching and other secondary processing materials used in the surface protective film, application is subject to greater restrictions: polyethylene film and other plastic films, usually with good transparency and elongation, machinability. As a substrate for surface protection film, it has wide application.

In principle, all kinds of pressure-sensitive adhesives used to produce pressure-sensitive adhesive films can be used to wrap the surface protective films on the body. But because the surface protective films are different from ordinary pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, they are not only required to stick firmly in use, but also required to be easily removed, and there is no residual adhesives on the protected surface when they are uncovered. Therefore, right. Pressure sensitive adhesive for surface protection film has strict additional requirements. As one of the most basic elements of the surface protective film, it requires the adhesive base force > cohesion > adhesion force. In addition, it is usually necessary to set a suitable adhesion force according to the different protection objects (generally between 0.1N/25mm-10N/25mm), so the surface protective film requires more pressure sensitive adhesive than the ordinary pressure sensitive adhesive film. The pressure sensitive adhesive is higher, and the technical content of the surface protective film is higher than that of the general pressure sensitive adhesive film.

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