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Characteristics And Products Of PE Packaging Film
- Nov 07, 2018 -

PE film is the simplest macromolecule organic compound. It is the most widely used environmental protection packaging material in packaging field. The film made of PE material has sticky PE protective film (thickness, viscosity, color are various, some specifications can refer to: PE protective film specifications). The non-sticky ones are: PE fresh-keeping film, PE stretching film/winding film, PE protective film. Wire film, PE electrostatic film, PE antistatic film and so on.

PE packaging film characteristics:

1. unit: This is one of the biggest characteristics of PE plastic packaging film. By virtue of the super-strong adsorptive force and retractility of the film, the product is compactly fixed into a unit, so that the scattered small pieces become a whole. Even in adverse circumstances, the product has no looseness and separation, and no sharp edges and stickiness, so as to avoid scratches or affect the beauty of the product.

2. Protective function: It can improve the surface protection of products and form a very light and protective appearance around the products, so as to achieve the purpose of dust, oil, moisture, waterproof and scattered prevention.

Especially important is that PE packaging film can make the packed goods bear uniform force, avoid the damage caused by uneven force. Protected products will not be polluted, corroded, scratched in the process of production, transportation, storage and use, and protect the original shiny surface, so as to improve the quality of products and market competitiveness. This is impossible for traditional packaging.

3. Compression and Fixation: With the help of the retraction force of PE packaging film after stretching, the product is attached and packed to form a compact, space-free unit as a whole, so that the products are closely packed together, which can effectively prevent the dislocation and movement of products in the transportation process.

4. Cost savings: The use of PE packaging film for product packaging can effectively reduce the cost of use, instead of various cartons, blisters, especially in the irregular shape of goods or commodities combination (cluster) packaging, not only save packaging costs, but also take up no space. At the same time, it can reduce workers' labor intensity, improve packaging efficiency and packaging grade.

Application of PE packaging film: Hardware industry, photoelectric industry, plastic industry, printing industry, wire and cable industry, PCB, electronic industry packaging, etc.