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Cause Of PE Protective Film Residual Glue
- Aug 01, 2018 -

Many of the causes of PE protection film residual glue are caused by human factors to create a simple protection film, which can meet the needs of the coating protection of their products. However, there is a lot of professional knowledge in it. For example, the high temperature protection film is needed in the process of high temperature, and it is necessary to keep the chemical residue of the sticker surface without oil and water, or the chemical reaction of the residue and glue will be easily caused, and the degumming phenomenon will be caused.

Two. The intrinsic factors of glue

1. cohesive failure: pressure sensitive adhesive is used on the protected surface and substrate, and the film on the protective film is tarnished.

2. damage to the adhesive group: there are more rubber residues on the protected surface, and PE protective film can be seen on the adhesive surface.

3. migration residue: a small amount of pressure-sensitive adhesive remains on the protected surface, and the gloss of the PE protective film is kept well.

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