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Blue PET Silica Gel Protective Film
- Nov 23, 2018 -

Blue PET silica gel protective film is a kind of high-grade PET protective film products. It is temperature-resistant, environmentally friendly, low adhesion, easy to tear, no residue, and widely used in high-end areas such as LCD screen protection.

Protective film manufacturer Kaidian and you know the specific performance:

1. High-permeability polyester film was used as the base material and silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive was applied to treat high-quality silicone protective film.

2. Good luminosity, good self-adsorption effect, active exhaust bubbles;

3. There are many kinds of goods with different thickness and stickiness for the actual machine.

4. The glue has stable function and high temperature resistance. It can be used in high temperature environment for a long time.

5. No residue, good acid and alkali resistance;

6. The posting principle of exhaust adsorption makes it more suitable for high-light mirror, and the cleanliness requires strict protection of the appearance of goods.

7. Double-layer structure, especially the protective surface of profiling base material, together with outstanding cost reduction, facilitates the implementation in the electronic profession;

8. The products passed the relevant tests of SGS, CTI, ISO, ROHS, etc.

Characteristics of Blue PET Silica Gel Protective Film:

The series has thickness of 30-200U, viscosity ranging from 0.3g to 400 g, high transmittance, smooth lubrication material. Temperature resistance, environmental protection, low adhesion, easy to tear, no residual glue and other characteristics.

Blue PET Silica Gel Protective Film Applications:

Widely used in electronic products and LCD display protection, metal protection, smooth plastic protection, ITO glass protection, die-cutting protection, cover shipment turnover, die-cutting process carrier, touch screen protection and other fields.