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Blue Pet Protective Film, Good Film Is Also Afraid Of Alley Deep.
- Nov 19, 2018 -

Good film is also afraid of deep lanes. Blue PET protective film has excellent performance, but not many friends. Let's have a detailed understanding here today.

Blue pet protective film is mainly based on blue polyester film. The color of the product is easy to identify. It is a common transparent protective film in life. Its thickness is generally between 50um and 125um, and its viscosity is low, medium and high. Mainly anti-abrasion, anti-scratch, dust-proof function, with high temperature resistance, no residual glue, good adhesion, scratch resistance, high gloss, stiffness, good weather resistance (high temperature/high humidity/solvent) and other characteristics.

Blue pet protective film is often used for temporary fixing of components needed in the production of various consumer appliances and various household electrical and electronic products, as well as for splicing and fixing of precision (optical) components in the production process. The application range of silica gel is very standard, especially in the plastic packaging industry. Silica gel is one of the most widely used adhesives. Its performance basically meets the viscous requirements of plastic film and protective film.

At present, protective film manufacturers are actively coping with the development of silica gel and organosilicon gel modification, making it play a greater role in the use process. The protective film is made of polyester film substrate coated with high temperature resistant glue. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good chemical solvent resistance, high adhesion, soft clothing and no residual glue.

Features of blue pet protective film

The base material of blue PET protective film is PET. The special acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive is coated on one side of PET material. The peeling force is 9N/25MM, the tensile strength is 140N/25MM, the material elongation is 80%, and the temperature resistance of protective film can reach 150 degrees. After temporarily fixing the adhesive surface, rip up the protective film without leaving any residual glue, which has been widely matched with household appliances manufacturers.

Because of its good physical and chemical properties, it has been widely applied. Organosilicon modified acrylate coating has excellent weatherability, light retention and color retention. It is not easy to be powdered and has good gloss. It is widely used for pre coating of metal sheets, coating of machine equipment and weatherproof decoration and decoration of internal and external walls of buildings. The hardness, tensile strength, solvent resistance, scrubbing resistance and water resistance were improved significantly. Therefore, it has many unique properties, such as high and low temperature resistance, weather aging resistance, good air permeability, hydrophobicity, anti-fouling, low surface tension and other excellent properties. Organosilicon was introduced into acrylate molecule to give full play to their excellent properties, make their advantages complementary and expand their application scope.

The blue pet protective film is widely used in:

Mobile phone, computer, display, panel, screen, plastic shell, nameplate, sign, polarizer, film switch, diffuser, FPC, glass, lens; die cutting, electronics, electrical appliances, packaging, printing, composite, hardware, plastic, photoelectric, metal and other fields.

Summary: The application of blue pet protective film solves the problems of splicing and fixing in the production of electronic devices. The products also play a very important auxiliary role in the application of various industries.