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Attention Point Of Protective Film Bonding Process
- Jul 04, 2018 -

1.To achieve the best results, the surface of the material must be clean and dry. It is generally recommended that the surface of the manual paint spray gun should be cleaned after the mixture of 1:1 and the mixture of sunpropanol and water is cleaned. The water will be completely evaporated and the surface will be completely dry.

2.PE protective film will be pasted on the surface of the material, with a roller or other means of an average of about 1.05 kg /cm2 pressure, so that it can effectively fit.

3.Follow the way of protecting film from point to line to surface contact surface. The plastic scraper or roller is used manually to fit the pressure with uniform pressure. When the pressure has been applied to the UV UV tube glue surface, the adhesive is contacted with the adhesive to avoid the air wrapping into it.

4.Tear off the PE protection film off the type paper, if in the previous step, ensure that there is no air between the adhesive and the attached material, it can ensure that no bubbles are produced, and then the material needs to be attached to the material, and the pressure of 1.05 kg is also applied to make it perfect and fit perfectly. If you want to remove the bubble, it is suggested to increase the pressure to bear the goods. The limit is limited to the limit.

5.The construction temperature recommended for normal and ideal is between 15 and 38 degrees Celsius, not less than 10 degrees centigrade.

6.In order to keep the protective film still stable when used, it is recommended that the storage environment be 21 degree relative humidity.

7.It is suggested that when the protective film without substrate is applied, the cutting edge should not be contacted with the protective film so as to avoid the situation of residual glue.



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