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Aging Effect Of Mesh Protective Film After Corona Discharge
- Sep 28, 2018 -

The degree of treatment of reticulated protective film will decline exponentially with the prolongation of storage time. The rate of regression is related to storage environment temperature, raw material grade, protective film thickness and other factors. The higher the storage temperature is, the faster and faster the extinction rate will be. For example, the critical surface tension of polyethylene protective film is 38-42 mN/m, which can be kept for one month, or even half a year, when stored under the ambient temperature of 20 C. If the ambient temperature is raised to more than 36 C, no matter how deep the original protective film is, it will generally fall below 38 mN / m after one month. The fading rate of protective film made of raw materials containing additives is faster than that without additives, because these low molecular weight substances are easy to precipitate and cover the surface of protective film, making adhesion worse.

Usually, thick protective film fades faster than thin protective film, so it is better to print, coat or compound the protective film immediately after treatment to obtain the best wettability and adhesion. For the protective film which can not be processed immediately, we should pay attention to the following three points: choosing the slow fading rate as the raw material of protective film, which needs to rely on the accumulation of usual experience; appropriately increasing the processing power and depth of treatment; as far as possible in the low temperature environment to slow down the fading rate.