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Advantages Of PE Protective Film Packaging
- Jul 02, 2018 -

One, it has strong scalability and can avoid friction and collision between them, and is more secure.

Two. Degradable materials will not cause pollution. They belong to green ecological packaging and save a lot of paper products.

Three, the cost of production enterprises is greatly reduced.

Four. Conforming to national policy

Five, make full use of the scalability of the packaging material, the package is tightly wrapped in the "wrap" to become one, to avoid the friction and collision between each other, more safe.

Six, the environmental protection PE protective film is a degradable material, which will not cause pollution. It belongs to the green ecological packaging, and saves the packaging of paper products.

Seven, the cost of production enterprises is greatly reduced. For example, the cost of carton packaging is 2-3 yuan, while the cost of plastic packaging is only 0.25 yuan.

Eight, it has found a way out for some manufacturers of medium and low grade beer and beverage that are suffering from the prohibition of national prohibition but really do not need to use high cost packaging.