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Adsorption Function Of PE Protective Film
- Aug 08, 2018 -

In the process of making the PE protective film, the corona treatment is usually carried out in the general case, which will make the film increase the surface area and take the electrostatic, then follow the subsequent coating, so that the film and the glue can be well combined.

The PE protection film will be effective on the inner layer of the membrane. When it is made, the main material is that EVA has a certain adsorption function when it is used, so as to realize the whole adsorption function of the membrane. The electrostatic composition of these two kinds of electrostatic films is also different. The quality and price of the products are different. The static film with low price will transfer the electrostatic composition to the surface of the product, causing the product's bad and scrap.

PE protection film is one of the most common surface protection films in our daily life. It is widely used in mobile phone, notebook computer, TV screen surface, LCD screen and so on, because of its good quality, such as good stickability, service and no residual glue.

In the production process of PE protective film, the machining temperature of the barrel and the method of polymer cooling are appropriately raised. It can improve the transparency of the film. In fact, to produce transparent PP films, water cooling methods must be used, such as the use of air cooling, and because the cooling effect is not good, the produced PP blowout film is fuzzy and translucent. Therefore, it is an effective way to improve transparency by appropriately increasing the processing temperature and adopting efficient cooling means in production. A small amount of polyacrylate resin with good compatibility and good compatibility is added to the PE protective film and PP protective film.

The raw material of PE protective film is LLDPE, which is soft and stretchable. The general thickness is 0.05MM-0.15MM, and its viscosity varies from 5G-500G to different requirements. There are also electrostatic film, mesh film and so on under the protective film project of PE material. Electrostatic film is a kind of protective film without glue. The adhesive force is a kind of protective film without glue. Of course, the viscosity is relatively weak. It is mainly used in electroplating and other surface protection.

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