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Acrylic Protective Film
- Jan 10, 2019 -

Antistatic acrylic protective film

The protective film is made of PET (polyester film) as the base material and coated unilaterally with acrylic glue imported from Korea. It can be divided into three categories: low viscosity, medium viscosity and high viscosity. In order to meet the technical requirements of different products, various anti-static protective film products for different purposes have been developed. The surface resistance reaches 10(6-9)_, and the anti-static performance is durable and stable.

Application of Keli Rubber PET Protective Film

1. Touch screen for mobile electronic products, glass lenses, panels and surface protection of shipped products.

2. It is widely used in the protection of surface materials and the prevention of static electricity in the production of FPC, PCB and electronic components.

3. Cross-cutting can not remove powder, and has excellent printing function.

4. Protection of button coating process of mobile phone, protection of plastic shell, surface of diffusion film, punching of foamed cotton such as PORON, etc.

Product characteristics

1. It is produced in the purification workshop of <1000 grade and has excellent appearance.

2. The product has high cleanliness, good transparency and good weather resistance.

3. Easy peeling, no residual glue, no trace, little molecule pollution after pasting.

4. Surface antistatic 10(6-9)_, separation friction voltage < 100V, electrostatic dissipation < 0.8S

5. Prevent dust and particles from being adsorbed by products, and reduce the damage of microelectronic devices caused by static electricity.