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A Survey Of PE Packaging Film In China
- Jun 21, 2018 -

The PE plastic packaging film is made of thin film polyethylene particles, processed by blowing or casting, and processed into a 0.002-0.3mm film shape. PE film products mainly include LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, CPE, metallocene catalyzed polyolefin film and other raw materials, PE film is divided into agricultural products and packaging film products.

application area

With the popularization of plastic packaging products, the share of PE plastic packaging film is becoming more and more large in the market. Packaging film products in industrial packaging (such as household appliances, machinery, chemicals, building materials, etc.), agricultural packaging (such as corn stalks, alfalfa and other silage), household and super market packaging (food, fruit, vegetables and other preservative) collar. The domain is widely applied. It has the functions of protecting commodities, facilitated circulation, convenient consumption and sales promotion.

Packaging film species

Packaging film is the largest application field of LLDPE/LDPE, mainly in the shrinkable packaging film of electronics, industry and food, winding packaging film, body packing film, inflatable packaging film, high permeability film, high heat resistance film, selective permeation film, preservative film, high and low pressure film, antistatic film, glass membrane, breathable film, casting film, composite film, Stretch film, antibacterial film, plastic shopping bags, retail packaging bags, food packaging bags and so on.

Production process

Polyethylene film is usually made of two processes, blow molding and tape casting.

Tape thickness is uniform, but because of its high cost, it is seldom used at present. At present, it is more used for stretching and winding film. Another plastic soft packaging material bubble film is on the basis of tape casting, increased plastic suction process.

Polyethylene blown film is blown by blow molding grade PE particles blown by blow molding machine. The cost is low, so it is the most widely used. LDPE blow molding film is a translucent, glossy, softer thin film with excellent chemical stability, heat sealing, water resistance and moisture resistance, freezing resistance and boiling. It is the most widely used and the largest amount of plastic packaging film, accounting for more than 40% of the consumption of plastic packaging film.

The most widely used packaging film

There are many kinds of shrinkable films. Polyethylene shrink film is the most widely used and the most widely used shrink film. Compared with the common polyvinyl chloride film and polypropylene film, polyethylene shrinkable film has non-toxic, can be applied to food packaging, does not produce corrosive gas and can adapt to the packaging of metal hanging parts. The toughness of the film, low temperature brittleness are better than PVC, PP, high heat shrinkable rate, good storage stability, production workers. The technology is simple, the corresponding cost is low, and the PE heat shrinkable film is easy to recycle.

The fresh-keeping film is also one of the most used films. At present, there are few kinds of preservative films in China, and more and more kinds of fresh-keeping films can be used in the functions of high temperature and oil resistance, which are suitable for microwave heating. The amount of polyolefin preservative film will be more and more large, and the development of winding film and heat shrinkable film will be similar.

The vest - type shopping bag is the most commonly used plastic package. According to incomplete