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What is the process of drawing and winding film
- Jul 12, 2018 -

Wuxi Shengfa protection film Co., Ltd. is a specialized company specializing in the production and sale of packaging materials. The main products are PE protection film, PE black-and-white film, PE blue film, black and white protection film, PE transparent film, PE color printing, PE car carpet film and so on, and are widely used in all kinds of aluminum and plastic plates, aluminum plates and stainless steel plates. Such as color steel plate, galvanized sheet, glass, stone, carpets, flooring, plastic steel profiles, new decorative materials, plastic products and high-grade furniture. Most of the stretch film products in the early stage of stretch wrap were blown film, first from monolayer to two, then to three.

But now most of the drawing film manufacturers are produced by the method of casting. This is mainly due to the uniformity and transparency of the drawing film produced by the casting process, which can fully meet the requirements of the high rate predrawing die. Then, the single layer and double decayer have no three layers in the choice of material, and the finished product is relatively high, so it is ideal to draw the winding film or select the three layer structure.

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