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What are the advantages of PE protection film?
- Jul 11, 2018 -

Wuxi Shengfa protection film Co., Ltd. is a specialized company specializing in the production and sale of packaging materials. The main products are PE protection film, PE black-and-white film, PE blue film, black and white protection film, PE transparent film, PE color printing, PE car carpet film and so on, and are widely used in all kinds of aluminum and plastic plates, aluminum plates and stainless steel plates. Such as color steel plate, galvanized sheet, glass, stone, carpets, flooring, plastic steel profiles, new decorative materials, plastic products and high-grade furniture. On the PE protective film

1. good weather resistance, stable stick holding force, to avoid the direct sunlight to the place can be used for more than half a year, after several days or long post stripping force growth is not significant, easy to remove, when uncovered, there is no residual glue on the protected surface, no shadow.

2. long storage period. If the PE protection film is not used in production, it can still be placed in the warehouse for more than a year and still will not have the quality problems. The longer the storage period is, the smaller the impact on the manufacturers, the long-term sales can be made after such reserve, and the profit is more stable.

3. no pollution, no corrosion. These two advantages bring up the natural characteristics of the protective film. After use, it will not react with the material or element on the surface of the product, so it will not cause pollution or corrosion.

4. strong mechanical properties. The tensile strength, modulus of elasticity and elongation are also more prominent in the process of use, which makes the natural mechanical properties, and can be fully embodied in the use.

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