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Ways to improve the transparency of PE protection film
- Jun 29, 2018 -

With the wide application of protective film, PE protection film is one of the most popular protective films on the market. It is widely used in plastic packaging, transparent glass products, liquid crystal display and so on. These applications are relatively high in the transparency of the protective film.

PE protective film is a typical crystalline aggregate. There are five ways to improve transparency.

1. the nucleating agent was added to the PE protective membrane particles.

Nucleation agent can replace crystal nucleus in the process of crystallizing polymer processing and make the polymer molecules grow into crystals on the nucleating agent. Because of the addition of nucleating agents, the number of crystal nuclei that can be crystallized at the melting point of PE protection film and PP protection film is increased greatly, the crystallization rate is quicker, and the crystalline particles are fine, so the crystal is not crystal. The transparency of the films is affected, so as to enhance the crystallinity of PE and PP films and enhance the strength of the films.

Nucleating agents are divided into two categories: Organic nucleating agents and inorganic nucleating agents. Organic nucleating agents include benzoic acid, sodium benzoate, etc. inorganic nucleating agents include talcum powder and sodium carbonate. The amount of addition is sodium benzoate 0.25PHR, benzoic acid 0.4PHR, Na2CO30.2PHR, talc powder 0.05PHR. For example, the addition of 0.3-0.7% stearate calcium nucleating agent in HDPE can increase the transparency of HDPE film from 67% to 73.5%.

2. 0.5-1% homogeneous oil is added to the PE protective film particles.

The homogeneous oil can be compatible with PVC, PE, PP, PU, PC, PS, HIPS, ABS, AAS, PMMA, PET, PBT and so on. The homogeneous and transparent colored plastic can be dyed with the direct pigment powder, and the homogeneous oil is nontoxic. The high speed stirring at 50-70 C can be used in the molding process.

3. polyolefin transparent additive DBS can be added to the PE protective film.

It is two subbenzyl sorbitol, which is made from sorbitol and benzaldehyde. It is a nucleating agent for polyolefin. It can reduce the PP fog 60%, reduce the fog 61%, improve the rigidity of 8-10%, increase the heat resistance of 9-10 degrees C, increase the crystallization rate of PO by more than 1 times, and improve the gloss and colourability of the film. .

4. in the production process of PE protective film, the machining temperature of the barrel should be increased and the method of polymer cooling should be adopted.

It can improve the transparency of the film. In fact, to produce transparent PP films, water cooling methods must be used, such as the use of air cooling, and because the cooling effect is not good, the produced PP blowout film is fuzzy and translucent. Therefore, it is an effective way to improve transparency by appropriately increasing the processing temperature and adopting efficient cooling means in production.

5.a small amount of polyacrylate resin with good compatibility and good compatibility is added to the PE protective film and PP protective film.

Understanding the way to improve the transparency of the protective film, we should also pay attention to the protection of the film crystallization after the rapid cooling, otherwise it will lead to the protection of the original transparency of the film significantly reduced.

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