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Type of protective film
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Abstract: the types of protective film glue, commonly used protective film glue are rubber type glue, acrylic glue and silica gel. Rubber type glue, as the name suggests, is mainly made of rubber, mainly produced by European and Japanese protective film manufacturers.

Rubber type glue

Rubber type glue has the name of the name, the main raw material is rubber mainly, mainly for Europe and specific Japanese protection film manufacturers, the main feature is that the product is more tolerant, that is, a viscosity product can be suitable for product surface from smooth to rough, compared with the protective film of acrylic glue. For example, the scope of application is large, so generally speaking, the rubber type protective film viscosity is only about four gear, and the protective film of acrylic glue water must be classified as a kind of product at approximately 20g/25mm intervals, so there are many kinds of protective film for acrylic glue. The protective film is a lot simpler. And the second benefits of the rubber protection film are also because of the great tolerance, so the high viscosity protective film can be used, and it is especially suitable for the complex application of post processing, such as stainless steel plate, aluminum plate and so on.

Acrylic glue

Acrylic glue, also known as pressure-sensitive adhesive, is mainly tincture. Tincture is a kind of polymer active substance. Temperature has a certain effect on molecular activity. The tincture of glue affects the use of adhesive tape directly. It has excellent peeling performance, strong cohesive force, high transparency, no degumming, no residue on the substrate, and is suitable for making low, medium and high viscosity protective films. Generally divided into solvent and emulsifying, that is, commonly known as oil glue and water glue. Acrylic glue has wide application scope and good stability in general. The disadvantage is that the exhaust is poor, the response to humidity is large, and it is also easy to leave white fog on the black surface, commonly known as the ghost image.

Silica gel

The development of silica gel is developed on the basis of acrylic glue, because the demand for the surface protection of 3C products is increasing in recent years, and a large part of these applications have entered the so-called after-sales market, that is, the selling field, and then the consumer's own DIY. This part of the application, especially emphasis on the special price of the exhaust, so that in the process of the sticker, to avoid the occurrence of bubbles, and silica gel is in line with the needs of this part of the consumer, silica gel for the substrate of PET production of screen protection paste.