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The application of the fixed tape to the preservation method
- Apr 26, 2018 -

The fixed tape is mainly used for the sealing of carton, the joint of the carpets and the stitching and fixing, the heavy packing and binding, the ground marking, the waterproof packaging, the packing of the cold gas pipeline, the repair, the bookbinding book, the mark and color, the waterproof packaging, the protection of the surface and so on.

It is suitable for railway vehicles, shipbuilding, mechanical and mechanical, construction and so on. It is resistant to oil and wax, aging resistance, temperature resistance, leak proof, waterproof, insulation and corrosion protection. It is also frequently used in the mechanical and electrical industry of automobile industry and paper industry, and the waterproof measures such as car cabs, chassis and cabinet are better.

Products should be stored in a dry and cool place, avoid heat sources, direct sunlight or rain, and do not stack more than five layers.

The product is self adhered material, and the best effect can be achieved by sticking in place once.

The best environment for the product is storage temperature of 21 degrees, and relative humidity of 40% to 50%.