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Special black-and-white film for silage
- Jul 03, 2018 -

Characteristics of silage black-and-white membrane and white two sides: white is easy to refract sunlight, reduce heat accumulation, black absorb internal heat, more conducive to the silage to maintain a relatively stable temperature, ensure the quality of the silage during the silage. (when used, white, black, and inside.)

2.Safety: PE material is the same as household food packaging bag. It is safe, non-toxic, acid resistant, alkali and organic solvent. It effectively guarantees silage quality and silage safety.

A and polyethylene products (PE) are nontoxic in nature and can be generally used in food packaging.

B and silage will produce a large number of organic acids which can improve the nutritional value of green fodder. The contact between the membrane and the green forage with high acid will not produce toxic substances, so that the safety of silage can be well done.

3.product strength and life: choose imported MPE Metallocene Linear low density polyethylene (M-LLDPE) as raw material, three layer co extrusion process technology. It has high optical barrier, high oxygen permeability, puncture resistance, tear resistance and cold resistance. It can be used in a relatively harsh environment.

A.imported polyethylene PE as raw material, the lowest resistance to -40 to -50 degrees.

B.metallocene was added to the production process to increase the tensile strength and toughness of the film. And added 6% UV content (anti ultraviolet material).

C.general polyethylene aging resistance is poor, easy to absorb ultraviolet rays in the sun, causing molecular chain fracture. This product has extended the outdoor life span for up to 3 years due to the addition of ultraviolet stabilizer for long life masterbatch.

D.due to the use of three layer co extrusion and some special additives, the same thickness, the special silage membrane has higher aging resistance and can improve the service life.

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The scope of application of silage black and white film

1. It is suitable for manual grass storage and suitable for mechanized grass storage.

2. It can be used in bag storage, cellar storage and stacking storage.

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