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Properties of PE blue film
- Jun 11, 2018 -

Product base: PE

Specification: length: 100m-1000m or customized

Width: 50cm-160cm or customized

Thickness: 0.02mm - 0.15mm

Color: transparent, creamy white, green, blue, black and white.

Extension rate: >180%

Product characteristics: stable viscosity, easy to use, easy to tear, easy to stick, no residual glue.

1. performance test: it is easy to stick and peel off the surface of the object, and does not shift glue. It does not break or fall off with the steel plate bending 90 degrees.

2. loading test: 360 hours, 20 degrees -50, and 2Kg/2.5cm2 load.

3. aging test: 300W UV lamp irradiated for 240 hours at 50 C, without cracking or deformation, and without residual glue on the surface.

4. humidity tolerance test 1 hours after +1 hours rain >240 hours do not fall off, after stripping the surface no residual glue.

Applicable scope: PET board, PVC board, counter plate, sign, transparent PVC board, nitro lacquer panel light panel, (amino / acrylic) coating panel, anti-theft door, color plate, organic glass board, mirror panel, mirror panel, small flower panel, sign spray sand aluminum panel, stainless steel plate, marble, PVC decorative board, plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum plastic board, Curtain wall, spray coating, aluminum plate, aluminum alloy doors and windows, surface of plastic steel plate, mirror stainless steel, aluminum alloy profile and sandblasting profile.