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[PE weekly review] this week, the market is down frequently.
- May 28, 2018 -
  1. The crude oil market

    This week oil prices were at a high level and the average level was slightly higher than last week. Among them, Brent increased considerably, and the spread between the two places widened further. Whether in Iran or Venezuela, the United States has launched sanctions, and geopolitical tensions have been pushed up by Brent. But US crude oil inventories increased, and US crude oil output increased by 13, and US crude oil rose slightly. And the current oil price is too high, OPEC is expected to increase production to make up for the shortage of supply tension, oil prices are weak, showing the top of the market, especially Brent, has always been difficult to stabilize 80 dollars / bucket pass.

  2. A brief introduction to this week's market

    The domestic PE market has fallen frequently this week. At the beginning of the week, linear futures were high and volatile, but some petrochemical companies were opening up the downstream channel. Subsequently, the futures market fell at a high level and continued to be weak. At the same time, some petrochemical companies continued to cut prices. There were more factors in the market, and the price of raw materials was hard to stop. The terminal is affected by the mentality of buying up, not buying or falling, and the enthusiasm of filling is weak.

    This week PE dollar market sentiment is low, the supply quantity has steadily recovered, and some downstream businesses have bought the bottom, and the turnover is mostly low. The supply of goods in the high pressure market is initially relieved, but port stocks are still dominated by high pressure goods. The market is still slightly depressed due to the low price of India. The price of the hollow market is temporarily stable, but some small hollow goods quotes in Iran have come down. The supply and demand of the drawing market is stable and the price is arranged. The inventories of injection market traders are still low, and the supply is not in place yet, and the market supply is limited. In the low voltage membrane market, the supply of goods in Iran is reduced, and the US dollar is not much settled.

    Lanzhou Petrochemical old full density unit was overhauled in May 18, 2013, and Sichuan petrochemical HDPE unit was overhauled in April 7th and is expected to drive in June 8th; Sichuan Petrochemical full density device is overhauled in April 9th and is expected to be driven in June 8th; the total density device in Zhenhai Refining and chemical industry is overhauled in April 27th and is expected to be driven in June 8th, and Shenyang chemical LLDPE unit repairs, The plan stopped for 2 months; Jilin petrochemical HDPE unit was overhauled in May 5th and planned for 40 days; Jilin petrochemical LLDPE unit was overhauled for 40 days in May 8th; Zhongyuan Petrochemical MTO full density device was stopped in May 10th and planned in June 10th; Shanghai petrochemical 1PE unit was overhauled in May 6th and the driving time was undetermined; Yanshan Petrochemical old LDPE installed For 13 days in May 14th, the second line of Shanghai petrochemical 1PE unit was overhauled and the second line was overhauled in May 17th. The driving time was undetermined; the C line of the Yangzi Petrochemical HDPE unit began to be repaired in May 20th. It was expected for a week or so; the Lanzhou petrochemical LDPE unit was shut down in May 21st, and the car was planned in June 15th. The plan is to start in June 10th; Zhongtian Co LLDPE plant is overhauled in May 25th and planned to be overhauled for 11-12 days.

  3. Analysis and prediction

    The PE market has fallen frequently this week. At the beginning of the week, although linear futures were high shock, but some of the petrochemical factory price began to downgrade, the market lost support, traders part of the line heel shipments, downstream delivery enthusiasm is not high, with the use of the main. Then the linear futures high fall, and continue the weak, while part of the petrochemical factory price continues to downgrade, market atmosphere is empty, traders are pessimistic, part of the line of interest delivery, downstream enquiries cautious, deal focused business. There is still room for the market to fall back next week.