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PE weekly commentary this week, the market is rising and falling.
- May 14, 2018 -
  1. Crude oil market

    This week's crude oil market message side around the Iranian nuclear issue, as Trump's "decision day" time limit to the early morning of 9, leading to a huge market volatility, leading to a sharp shock in oil prices. The market is generally expected to withdraw from the Iraq nuclear agreement before the announcement, so this week's oil price trend has already been digested in advance, and oil prices are dominated by the rise. During the period, oil prices fell sharply, mainly due to media reports that Trump would not quit, causing the oil market to flash over 1 dollars. Subsequently, the report was falsified, oil prices recovered rapidly, and the increase was further driven by the worries of "the highest economic sanctions". In addition, the EIA report this week is also good, the U.S. crude oil and refined oil storage last week has been declining, helping to increase oil prices upward momentum, and the European and American crude oil once again created a new high in the year.

  2. A brief introduction to this week's market

    This week, the PE market rose sharply in the early weeks and fell slightly after mid week. At the beginning of the week, linear futures opened up and shook, and market transactions were slightly boosted. In addition, some petrochemical companies were raising prices. However, the downstream factories' enthusiasm for purchasing high priced raw materials is not high, which leads to slow delivery of raw materials. After mid week, some businesses begin to sell profits, and the main business is negotiation.

    This week, the PE dollar market has cooled compared with last week, and its price has been rising steadily. Downstream performance is also less than the early stage, low pressure and high pressure, linear source of differentiation, low pressure performance is more prominent.

    Lanzhou Petrochemical old full density unit is overhauled in May 18, 2013; Sichuan petrochemical HDPE unit is overhauled in April 7th and is expected to drive in June 8th; Sichuan Petrochemical full density device is overhauled in April 9th and is expected to be driven in June 8th; the Yangzi BASF LDPE device is stopped in April 16th and the driving time is undetermined; Shanghai Jin Fei HDPE unit is operated in April 17th. Work, the time to drive to be determined; Zhenhai Refining and chemical equipment in April 27th overhaul, is expected to drive in June 8th; Shenyang chemical LLDPE unit in May 3rd repair, planned to stop for 2 months; Jilin petrochemical HDPE unit in May 5th maintenance, planned maintenance for 40 days; Pucheng clean energy full density device in May 6th repair, planned maintenance for 10 days; Jilin petrochemical LLDP The E unit was overhauled for 40 days in May 8th; the LDPE device of Zhongtian co creation tube type method was suspended in May 8th and planned to stop. The Maoming petrochemical 1#LDPE device stopped production in May 8th and planned to drive for 22 days; Zhongyuan Petrochemical LLDPE device was suspended in May 10th and planned to stop for 10 days; Zhongyuan Petrochemical full density device was suspended in May 10th and planned to stop for 10 days Zhongyuan Petrochemical MTO total density plant was shut down in May 10th, plans to start in June 10th; Dushanzi Petrochemical full density device first line May 11th parking plan minor repair;

  3. Analysis and prediction

    This week, the PE market rose sharply in the early weeks and narrowed down in mid week. At the beginning of the week, linear futures rose high, boosted the market investment, some of the petrochemical factory price rose, the business was supported by high cost, and the downstream factory was not very active in the purchase of high price raw materials, which led to the slow shipment. In the middle of the week linear futures low shock, bruising the market atmosphere, although the petrochemical factory price individual rise, but the trading atmosphere has not improved, some businesses began to deliver goods, downstream demand to follow up slowly, deal focused on business. It is expected that the market price of PE will be dominated by the digestible fluctuation next week.