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The PE market opens today for 18.05.18
- May 18, 2018 -

Supply worries disturb the market, and international oil prices rise and fall. The latest closing: WTI closed 71.49, Brent gained 79.3 up 0.02.

Yesterday, linear futures concussion low end fell, the petrochemical factory price is most stable, the market turn to empty, traders with many following down shipments, downstream purchasing intention is not good, firm focus on discussion. Near the weekend, market sentiment is expected to be weak. Today's PE market will continue to be vulnerable.

Sinopec PE opened - linear: North China reported 9650-9800 yuan / ton, East China reported 9600-10050 yuan / ton, Southern China reported 9600-9750 yuan / ton, central China reported 9750 yuan / ton.