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Effect of transparent stone protection film
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Degradable materials, as an industry with good development prospects, should be paid attention to in the market. Light green and environment-friendly stone protection film packaging can relieve people's concern about environmental protection and sustainable development. More and more people choose products with better packaging, faster production speed, strong packaging itself and lower weight. When the products are sold in large quantities in the same day, the amount of resin in each package is reduced. In view of the considerable economic benefits of the enterprises, in particular the unprecedented increase in the price of resin raw materials, more and more enterprises are becoming more and more interested in the lightweight packaging. The marble packing film is characterized by good transparency and good winding nature. As long as it is wrapped around the object, it will automatically paste it together and will not expand. Even when it is opened, it will take a lot of effort to uncover it, because it has the function of automatic sticker, it is a packing bag that is not packed bag. . The excellent performance of the marble packaging film is used in the packaging of furniture and household appliances, not only in the packing of stone, but also in the packaging of furniture and household appliances. It can not only prevent dust, but also enhance the aesthetic effect of the goods. It is a multi-functional film.

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